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Celebrate Solar Week March 19-23, 2018

Do you know your solar flares from your sunspots? Why the Sun is so important to life on Earth? What are careers related to studying the sun? Solar Week provides a series of web-based educational activities focusing on the sun-Earth connection.

The spring 2018 Solar Week activities highlight the ionosphere. In constant motion, this mysterious region of Earth’s upper atmosphere is our interface to space. In 2018, the ionosphere’s secrets will be probed by two NASA satellite missions, GOLD and ICON.

Dr. Nicky Fox, Project Scientist for NASA's Parker Solar Probe mission will present a webinar during Solar Week on Thursday, March 22, at 1pm EDT to talk about this mission to the Sun slated for launch summer 2018 and answer your questions. Parker Solar Probe will be the first mission to touch the Sun – to fly into the solar corona and study how the corona is heated and the solar wind and solar energetic particles are accelerated. Solving these fundamental mysteries has been a top-priority science goal for almost 60 years. Information about the webinar is available at: The webinar will be archived at:

For more information, visit the Solar Week website, which includes daily facts, games and activities, and information about careers and scientists that are available all year. An "Ask a Question" feature has archived answers only -- until it goes LIVE during Solar Week. Please post your questions for leading solar scientists.

NASA Wavelength has created a special collection of Solar Week resources in a single, easy-to-access location. Items are sorted in daily order, with the materials you need for an entire week of solar fun. To make a copy and personalize this list, be sure to first “Log In” or “Register” using the link on the right side of the blue bar found at the top of the page. Then click on the link Solar Week resources and select “Copy list.” You can then edit the list and add new resources.

Happy Solar Week!