NASA Langley Research Center Earth Science Education and Outreach Resources

Created by NASA Earth Science Education and Public Outreach Last updated 1/30/2017

As an interdisciplinary team of educators, scientists, technology experts and communications specialists we collaborate with the education community to bring authentic Earth science practices and real-world data into the classroom.
We provide the public with unique NASA experiences, engaging activities, and advanced technology. Our products are developed and reviewed by science and education experts. Our goals include inspiring the next generation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) professionals and improving STEM literacy by providing innovative participation pathways for educators, students, and the public.
This work supports the NASA Strategic objective to "Advance the Nation’s STEM education and workforce pipeline by working collaboratively with other agencies to engage students, teachers, and faculty in NASA’s missions and unique assets”
The Science Directorate at NASA Langley provides educational outreach opportunities to teachers, students, and the general public through a variety of award-winning projects.

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