MS.Weather and Climate

Created by Cassie Soeffing Last updated 3/3/2016

The performance expectations in MS.Weather and Climate help students formulate an answer to the question: “What factors interact and influence weather and climate?” Three sub-ideas from the NRC Framework are addressed in these performance expectations: ESS2.C, ESS2.D, and ESS3.D. Students can construct and use models to develop understanding of the factors that control weather and climate. A systems approach is also important here, examining the feedbacks between systems as energy from the sun is transferred between systems and circulates though the ocean and atmosphere. The crosscutting concepts of cause and effect, systems and system models, and stability and change are called out as organizing concepts for these disciplinary core ideas. In the MS.Weather and Climate performance expectations, students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in asking questions, developing and using models, and planning and carrying out investigations; and to use these practices to demonstrate understanding of the core ideas.