General Resources

Created by Bonnie Meinke Last updated 3/9/2014

This list includes NASA education products that cover broad science topics, as well as useful information on engaging girls and their families in STEM

  • Here, There and Everywhere Poster Set

    HTE is now in its third year as a NASA Science4Girls partner! This series of visual presentations illustrates common physics principles across vastly different scales, using human-scale photographs, earth science and astrophysics imagery. The products look at such topics as shadows, wind, bow waves and collisionally-excited gas. The intent is to show how familiar processes on Earth are connected to more exotic and less well-known phenomena across the Universe. These laws apply here (in daily life), there (around Earth and the Solar System), and everywhere (throughout the cosmos). The poster set is part of the Here, There, Everywhere (HTE) collection.
    AAAS Benchmarks: 1A/H1
  • SciGirls Seven: How to Engage Girls in STEM - SciGirls CONNECT

    The SciGirls approach - for the TV show, website, and educational materials - is rooted in research about how to engage girls in STEM. A quarter of a century of studies have converged on a set of common strategies that work, and these have become SciGirls' foundation. SciGirls Seven recommends seven best practices. You can find out more about them and tips for how to implement them in your NASA Science4Girls events from the SciGirls website.
  • Engaging Girls in STEM | National Girls Collaborative Project

    A collection of publications summarizing research focused on what works to engage and support girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), from The National Girls Collaborative Project.
  • Encouraging Girls in Math and Science: IES Practice Guide

    A practice guide for educators that includes specific recommendations for encouraging girls in the fields of math and science.