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Greenhouse gases  
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Adding lemon juice to water increases the water's acidity; adding carbon dioxide to water will also increase acidity. The effects of the carbon dioxide acidification of ocean water from burning fossil fuels are discussed and images of some of the... (View More)

Keywords: Greenhouse gases
Audience: Informal education
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In this inquiry activity, teams of students are challenged with engineering a greenhouse heat trap for use with exotic plants. The investigation requires thermometers, plastic wrap, and a shoebox for each team. Students graph data and determine the... (View More)

In this kinesthetic activity, the concept of energy budget is strengthened as students conduct three simulations using play money as units of energy, and students serve as parts of a planetary radiation balance model. Students will determine the... (View More)

This introductory chapter for educators provides background information to support classroom investigations of global climate change. Topics addressed include the structure and composition of the atmosphere, General Circulation Models (GCMs), 2xCO2... (View More)