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In this interactive, use NASA satellite data to test and compare rate-limiting factors for productivity in several regions of the world's oceans. This is part of Unit 2 of Interactives and Models: Carbon Now.

Keywords: Satellite data; Oceans
Audience: High school

Scientists use various types of records to understand the rates of change in Earth's past climates, and the climate connections in the Earth system. Use this interactive to compare climate data from around Earth, and investigate whether they... (View More)

Keywords: Climate data
Audience: High school

In this interactive, use results from a GCM to test how a spike in atmospheric CO2 levels could affect average global temperature, average sea ice cover, and atmospheric water vapor. This is part of Unit 1 of Interactives and Models: Carbon &... (View More)

In this paper and pencil exercise, students create graphs that describe the effect of a series of experiments using Daisy World, an energy balance model, that can be used to demonstrate concepts of equilibrium, homeostatis, and positive and negative... (View More)

This is a lesson about the effects of large impacts. Learners will use critical thinking skills to evaluate and apply data from a narrative to a scientific selection process, will demonstrate or visualize simulations of some of the effects of a huge... (View More)

Keywords: Meteorites
Audience: Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Materials Cost: Free
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