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Exploring Earth with Citizen Science - The GLOBE Program

This week, we’re focusing on a major environmental education initiative, The GLOBE Program. As the name suggests, this is a worldwide hands-on, primary and secondary school-based science and education program focused on the environment. GLOBE promotes and supports the collaboration of students, educators, as well as professional and citizen scientists on inquiry-based investigations of the Earth system. The program currently operates in 109 countries, 45 States, and two U.S. territories. NASA serves as lead agency, NSF is joint sponsor, and NOAA and the U.S. Department of State play supporting roles.

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Created 2014.06.22

Exploring Earth with Citizen Science - Observing Our Home Planet

Over the past few weeks, we’ve explored citizen science projects that allow volunteers to assist in analyzing data from NASA space missions. But what about projects that allow citizen scientists to study their home planet? A number of great opportunities are available that offer a chance to explore Earth science, as well as allowing participants to stretch their legs and enjoy the outdoors.

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Created 2014.06.09

Exploring Space with Citizen Science - A Zooniverse of Opportunities!

Engaging students in real-world research opportunities can be a challenge. This week, we explore Zooniverse - an online citizen science project offering many space science research opportunities for budding scientists or those interested in learning more about our universe!

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Created 2014.05.14
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Exploring Space with Citizen Science - CosmoQuest

In part one of our three part series on citizen science, we feature CosmoQuest - an online resource allowing students and the general public to participate in real-world research of our Moon, Mercury, and the asteroid Vesta. CosmoQuest also features resources for educators and links to weekly online programming via Google Hangouts.

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Created 2014.04.30
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